People behind Your Favourite Brand


Dream Team? A lofty claim, but we think we have it.

We are obsessed in shaping a work culture that will make our craft better, and our relationships with our customers stronger. 

(P.S We know how to have fun while working in a fast-paced environment. We embrace challenges like we embrace coffee -- on the daily.)


KIMIKO, Founder & CEO at 16’96 Concepts


Driven is the word I would use to describe Kimiko. There’s a lot of positive energy circling her and that’s a great trait to have when you are building a team and running a company.”

- Kaung Lin Kyi -



KAUNG LIN KYI, Co-founder


“I sometimes feel intimidated by his serious looks during meetings, but he always eases the tension with friendliness and humor.”

- Kay Thi Naing -


U MYO THANT, Head Carpenter


“U Myo Thant, the key to our craft, has his magic on wood and materials. He is open-minded and provides a comfortable environment where I can acquire knowledge on carpentry and materials.”

- Hein Aung Soe -



HEIN AUNG SOE, Operations Coordinator


“He is a an eager-to-learn kind of man. He doesn't take knowledge in this field lightly, and the hunger for it is evident in his work ethic.”

- U Myo Thant -


KAY THI NAING, Sales & Marketing Executive


“She is a force to be reckoned with, and this is probably an understatement. Confident, intelligent, a keynotes-woman, and a bubble-tea lover, Kay can be seen working tirelessly away on both creative and business development fronts.”

- Kimiko -



THWE PHYU NU LWIN, Head Accountant


“She points out the important factors that we sometimes overlook when we are discussing projects and business plans. Never a bad idea to get the opinion of someone who juggle numbers, honestly!”

- Kay Thi Naing -