Da Ote Chaik Dining Set

Da Ote Chaik Dining Set

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Special pricing for a set of Ya Gauk Dining Table and 4 Da Ote Chaik Chairs

Product Details of Ya Gauk Dining Table

• Dimensions: 59.5" L x 36" W x 30" H
• 65% Asian Oak, 35% Yamanay Wood
• Designed by U Myo Thant 
• Classic Mahogany featured
• Mid-modern century nod with a harmonious oval shape suited for dining and study
• Seats 6 people comfortably (8 people maximum)

Product Details of Da Ote Chaik Chair

• Dimensions: 16" L x 16" W x 18.5” - 34.5" H
• Inspired by Ookkuu
• Made in 70% Yamanay, 30% Asian Oak
• Soft rounded edges with sturdy back rest is multipurpose to use as living room statement piece or casual dining chairs
• Nested seat detail for increased comfort
• Cream colored (featured) upholstery with tufted definition creates accessible luxury 
• Well-suited for dining rooms, the study, or office

This set ships fully assembled.

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