Revamp : RIDA - House of Kachin Textiles Office

RIDA Office_16'96 Concepts Yangon Furniture

The Ask

RIDA House of Kachin Textiles is an online textile store that specializes in Kachin fabrics, with exceptional handwoven designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. They asked us for statement shelving to help organize their stock, but moreover to have their beauties on display that carried a special va va voom touch. They also wanted a large open, co-working desk that was chic and minimal enough to put it up on their Gram.  



Our 16’96 team visited RIDA’s workspace because we wanted to propose the right designs from our pipeline that matched their space. The more we dove deep, we quickly realized that RIDA had a broad vision in mind with particular aesthetic niches they wanted to achieve. As with every project, big or small, we drew up several mood boards that matched our client’s core vision. After proposing pros and cons, an overall feasibility analysis of two different directions we could take with their space, RIDA opted for the androgynous, Burmese chic direction.

RIDA Office_16'96 Concepts_Kayay Stool
RIDA Office_16'96 Concepts_Shwe Eainsi Mirror

We proposed Saw Diga because it had enough statement and minimalism in a shelf, that when putting items on display, it would still wow their customers and guests while also helping to enhance the items on display. Mohnyin Thado boasts in its simplicity with an interesting flair given to its legs. We felt it perfect for a chic office looking for a large co-working space. Lastly, we suggested RIDA our Shwe Eainsi standing mirror for a contemporary push, but one that is rooted in that sturdy, indestructible feel that traditional Burmese furniture is notorious for.

We want our office to inspire joy, and make our space more creative, inviting, a space that they fall in love with — because joy and job satisfaction means good synergy and a good team.
— Hkyet Seng Htoi Pan, CEO

That is exactly what we hope their revamped office gives them -- a charming, one-of-a-kind, warm environment that speaks to RIDA’s brand identity and ultimately one that will reinforce and shape their work culture into the finest that move forward.

RIDA Team_16'96 Concepts_yangon furniture

Photography by Htoo Aung Kyaw Studio