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Your Membership Explained 

  • Your membership starts from the date of registration and ends on the same date of the following year. 

  • Your tier status and benefits will advance in accordance with your purchases. 

    • To advance to Inwa : minimum 100 lakhs of purchase 

    • To reach Bagan: minimum 200 lakhs of purchase 

  • When a member advances to the next tier within their membership year, the member may enjoy their advanced-tier benefits immediately. These benefits applies for 365-days from the start date of the advancement, regardless of membership year. 

  • By the end of each membership year, each member’s sale record will reset to a tier lower than their present tier. 

  • If a member is inactive consecutively across 3 Membership Years, their Membership will automatically expire, including their Sale Record.

Tiers of Club 16’96 


All registered trade members start as Mandalay members. Trade discounts start at 5%. Mandalay members also get to enjoy commission on referrals! 

  • 5% Markdown across all products 

  • 5% Commission on Referral 


Members who make purchases over 50 Lakhs are promoted to our Inwa tier. 

  • 10% Markdown across all products 

  • 5% Commission on Referrals 

  • Receive more Free Stuff  

  • Early Access 


To qualify for Bagan, a Club member would have purchased over 200 Lakhs across their membership year. A Bagan Club member will be working with an exclusive, experienced Account Manager from 16’96, from start to finish.

  • VIP business partner

  • Enjoy exclusive flash sales,

  • Better terms & conditions 

  • Flexible payment terms,

  • Highest commission