Are you a trade professional?

Club 16'96 is our dedicated service for design professionals, giving direct access to 3D models, quotes and orders with trade pricing and terms.


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What is Club 16’96?

It is a B2B exclusive program launched by 16’96 Concepts for better cooperation with business partners of the same area and to appreciate every project we work together and every referral made to valuable clients.


Who can apply to be in Club 16’96?

Businesses which work closely with furniture in everyday life — such as Interior Designs and Architect Firms. We extended this program to related partners as well — including Construction Companies, Development Groups and Real Estate Agents.


What are the benefits of Club 16’96?

As a member of Club 16’96, you will be entitled to receive trade prices, i.e the special prices we set for business partners working in the same area as 16’96, for every furniture item sold by 16’96 Concepts online and offline. Club 16’96 members are to receive points for every project they have worked together with 16’96 and will be able to enjoy better benefits as we form stronger business relationship.

In addition to trade discount and benefits, Club members are entitled to receive commission on every referral they have made to their clients and other partners. Commission can be claimed as cash or convert to sale points in order to acquire better benefits.


Let’s make the most out of being a Club member

Introducing the Tiers of Club 16’96

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Mandalay Tier

  • Every trade partner who registered for Club 16’96 will be in this tier.

  • Mandalay members will have access to 3D designs and be notified ahead of sale and promotions.

  • Up to 15 free wood swatches will be available for Mandalay tier annually

  • Featured on 16’96 Concepts website dedicated for Trade Partnership and collaboration project

  • Depending on client’s aesthetic and preference, we will put Mandalay members when recommending for relevant trade partners.


Inwa Tier

After you have purchased 50,000,000 MMK worth of products from 16’96, you will be promoted to Inwa Tier. In addition to Mandalay tier benefits, Inwa members can enjoy

  • Better trade discount on all 16’96 furniture products

  • Up to 25 free wood swatches will be available for Inwa tier annually

  • New design collaboration projects (working on new furniture design that both parties agreed upon)

  • Dedicated blog post and shout out for collaborative projects via email newsletter

  • Social Media Shoutout periodically

  • 5 hours facetime meeting for every project, 2 hours free interior design consultation upon request

  • More benefits to be mentioned on trade partnership agreement


Bagan Tier

After you have purchased 150,000,000 MMK worth of products from 16’96, you will become a VIP trade member, Bagan. In addition to Mandalay and Inwa tier benefits, Bagan members can enjoy

  • Dedicated customer service representative available to all Bagan Tier members

  • VIP Flash sales only available for Bagan Tier members

  • Bagan Tier will be featured on company’s digital media channels as long as the contracts are valid.

  • 1 Day free Interior Design Consultation upon request

  • Up to 50 free swatches in one membership year

  • Dedicated blog post and shout out for collaborative projects on all distribution channels

  • Payment terms are negotiable for all Bagan members depending on project size and value

  • Two exclusive personalised furniture design per project (20 Lakh minimum)


Good things to know about Club 16’96

How we count membership year

  • every trade partnership agreement will center around “one membership year” — one full year, starts from the date of agreement signed to the same date and month of the following year.

  • At the end of every membership year, trade partners are required to extend the contract.