We started 16'96 because we weren't able to find well-designed furniture with quality materials at an affordable price in Myanmar.

But really, what do we mean by well-designed? Design is an integral part of how we carry out our day-to-day. Everything around us such as roads, neighborhoods, technological experiences, homes, office spaces, before being architected, had to be envisioned, perhaps prototyped (numerous times, even). 

Design influences our moods, our lifestyle, and the way we think. 

Ideas are brought to life by a team of highly trained professionals with varying expertise and experiences. How well this flow works--from creative idea to a tangible (or intangible) thing--essentially determines whether something is "well-designed."

When starting 16'96, we deliberated what home meant to each of us. 

Home is the most basic expression of who we are and a statement of how we want to lead our lives.

We study the day-to-day moments that are created in the homes we are invited to, the feelings we get when we enter a space (Is it awe? do we feel grounded? serene? calm?). We take notes on all our travels to bring some of that magic back. Only after synthesizing what we've discovered, we go through hundreds of designs to pick ones that helps express who you are.

We believe that the space you choose to dream & aspire, spread love & joy, and build memories to grow fond of, should be thoughtful, and inspiring--because it matters.