16’96 Concepts Privacy Policy


1. Marketing Communications

1.1. By providing contact information, you may receive promotion-related emails, including company marketing emails and information about your account, rewards and benefits.

1.2. You may opt-out of receiving 16’96 Concepts marketing emails at any time by following the instructions provided in the email or as otherwise provided in the 16’96 Concepts Privacy Policy, but operational emails will still be sent to you as they relate to your membership in the Program. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, a redemption confirmation email, a new points acquisition email, a profile update email, or other communications that relate to your account. If you withdraw your participation, you will no longer receive promotion-related communications. If you opt-out of marketing emails, you will no longer receive emails regarding the rewards or benefits that may be available to you.

2. Privacy

The personal information collected from you in connection with the Program, including but not limited to purchases made in connection with your Program membership, will be used and disclosed by us in accordance with the 16’96 Concepts Privacy Policy.

3. Contact Us

For information about the newsletter signup, contact 16’96 Concepts Customer Service at 09-7-6666-1696 within Myanmar or via email at mingalarbar@1696concepts.com. We are not responsible for requests or correspondence lost or delayed in the mail or over the Internet. You may also provide answers to helpful frequently answered questions in our FAQs.