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From Concept to Tangible: Sa Le Glass Board Divider

With design, the process really never ends because good design is a continuous evolution that changes with better materials, technology, cultures, expectations and everyday habits. Thus, 16’96 presents how Sa Le Glass Board Divider is designed and evolved along the way.

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Revamp : Golden House Mala Xiang Guo Restaurant

Read about our design journey of our beloved Da Ote Chaik, Pha Ote Htote & Ba La Chaik dining sets. Slurping away deliciousness on delightful tables and chairs makes the experience all the more satisfying.

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 Be Bold, Behold, Mixed Materials in Furniture

Do you have a home decorated with all wood floor to furniture and beds? Why not up for a change? Incorporating metal, glass and marble may bring the niche that you need in your space. Read the full English and Burmese articles here to know why we think mixed materials should be a trend in 2019.

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